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Insurances Accepted

Several commercial insurances, Medicaid, Healthy MI Plan, Medicare, CHIP and Some VA products are accepted – please call the office at 989-493-1947 to speak with our insurnce Specialist to verify if your product is accepted. As insurance plans may vary, it is your responsibility to know what coverage your insurance provides.

The amount you owe for health care services your health insurance or plan covers before
your health insurance or plan begins to pay.For example, if your deductible is $1000,
your plan won’t pay anything until you’ve met your $1000 deductible for covered health
care services subject to the deductible. The deductible may not apply to all services.


Your share of the costs of a covered healthcare service, calculated as a percent (for
example, 20%) of the allowed amount for the service. You pay coinsurance plus any
deductibles you owe. For example, if the health insurance or plan’s allowed amount for
an office visit is $100 and you’ve met your deductible, your coinsurance payment of 20%
would be $20. The health insurance or plan pays the rest of the allowed amount.


A fixed amount (for example, $15) you pay for a covered health care service, usually when
you receive the service. The amount can varyby the type of covered health care service.

Out-of-pocket limit

The most you pay during a policy period(usually a year) before your health insurance
or plan begins to pay 100% of the allowed amount. This limit never includes your
premium, balance-billed charges or health care your health insurance or plan doesn’t cover.
Some health insurance or plans don’t count all of your copayments, deductibles, coinsurance
payments, out-of-network payments or other expenses toward this limit.

Funding Assistance/Discounted Appointments
The Mid-State Health Network  may provide funding assistance to help you pay for services*. This program is provided to individuals seeking substance use disorder treatment who do not have insurance or have a Medicaid/Healthy MI Plan product we do not accept, and meets the eligibility factors. Please contact the office to schedule a funding assessment to see if you qualify.
 In the absence of insurance coverage or funding assistance, fees for services* are based on a discounted sliding fee scale, which considers income and family size. This office serves all individuals regardless of inability to pay. Please speak to a member of our staff for specific cost information.
Funding Options

Recovery Pathways has funding options for patients located in Region 5 or 2

Veterans Benefits

If you are a veteran receiving VA benefits, please contact your local VA to initiate treatment. They will provide an assessment and then refer you to this office for treatment.

Cash Patients

Typically the cash rates for services* are $200 for the first appointment and $60 for all appointments after. Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit /debit card in the office, or over the phone by credit/debit card. Note: Returned checks are subject to a Non-sufficient Funds Fee. This will not be paid by your insurance.


*Services include those provided in the office by office staff. External services such as lab fees and medication costs are not included.

Medication Costs

Insurances will often cover the costs of medications – please contact your insurance provider to learn about your prescription drug coverage. For individuals without insurance coverage, coupons or discount programs may be available to help make the costs of medications more affordable. Please speak to a staff member to see what type of assistance may be available.

Lab Fees
Lab fees are billed directly to your insurance company if you have insurance, or billed to you if you do not have insurance – this bill is separate from the appointment costs. Depending on your insurance coverage, you may receive a bill for a copay, deductible, or total amount of the bill. Contact Lab to For Payment options.