Do you need help? Call our office at (989) 928-3566 for a confidential assessment with one of our staff members who can answer your questions about our outpatient mental health and drug rehabilitation programs and make referrals to other recovery services as needed. When you call you will speak with a staff member who will guide you through a brief and confidential telephone assessment. Once the assessment is completed, we will determine the most appropriate level of care for you. If our staff recommends treatment at Recovery Pathways, LLC, an appointment date will be scheduled.

Recovery Pathways, LLC

To All Recovery Pathways patients,

There Are many reasons as to why encourage/counsel you to be marijuana and cannabis free. We inform you of long-term health aspects and about medial legal consequences:

  • Cannabis smokers suffer more mental health issues
  • Cannabis smokers have a five times more likely chance of schizophrenia
  • Cannabis for anxiety only helps 20-30% of smokers
  • Long-term smokers for the most part suffer from anxiety-cannabis does not help the anxiety it causes it
  • Cannabis users have shown reduced problem-solving and reduced reaction time-so you can’t achieve your best

You must be compliant with your counseling and stop smoking cannabis in this program or you may be subject to consequences.

We should never work harder on your recovery than you. Stop cannabis use.

During Your Initial Appointment

You will meet individually with one of our staff who are certified in addiction and mental health counseling to determine the most appropriate level of care based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria. This assessment provides the potential client, family members, and referral sources with a recommendation for admission to Recovery Pathways outpatient addiction or mental health treatment program, or to make referrals to other recovery services as needed.

How are clients referred?

Clients are referred to Recovery Pathways, LLC by health care providers, family members, educators, alumni, State and Local agencies, Access Alliance and other referral programs, etc.

Have questions about drug and alcohol rehab? Questions about mental health? Please contact us by calling (989) 928-3566 or email us at

Phone: 989-928-3566

Fax: 989-391-9596


Need treatment now? You can call any of the CMH Centers or Access Centers on this downloadable list any time of day, any day of the year for an immediate screening and referral to treatment. You may also call the Mid-State Health Network Utilization Management Department at 844.405.3095 for access to Substance Use Disorder treatment.

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